Rate: $219/$229
Phone: (800) 723-6500
Code:  Jam On It

Circus Circus-Reno

Rate:  $135/$145
Phone:  800-648-5010
Code: IJAM17 (first letter is an uppercase i)

Grand Sierra-Reno
(BLOCK HAS SOLD OUT) You can still book rooms, using a Jam On it code, but you will be getting rooms at the prevailing rate.  Please use the code, then we will know how many rooms to block next year. 

Rate: $219/$239
Phone: 800-648-5080
Code:  TJAM17
Registration Link:  Click HERE


Rate: $109/$169
Phone:  (775) 786-3232
Code:  S05JAM7

Hyatt  Place

Rate:  $199
Phone:  775-826-2500
Code: G-JO17
Booking Link CLICK HERE:


Rate:  $149/$159
Phone:  (800) 648-1177
Code:  GAAU
Booking Link Click HERE: 


Rate:  $159/179/209
Phone: 1-800-282-2444
Code:  LJAMM7
Reservation Link:  Click HERE

Residence Inn – Marriott

Rate: $169/$249
Phone:  (800) 331-3131 or (775) 853-8800
Registration Link:  Click HERE

Western Village-Reno

Rate:  $119
Phone: 1-800-648-1170
Code: LJAM17
Registration Link:  Click HERE

Whitney Park-Reno

Rate:  $159
Phone:  775-398-5400
Code:  JOI
Reservation Link:  Click HERE